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Mark Holmgren

Mark Holmgren is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Community Development Company.

About Visioning

This is a second posting in the series about Mission, Visioning and Values. See our first posting on “Mission” here. Vision. Without it, we bump into things; we stumble and fall and ultimately can’t be certain if where we end up is where we want to be. It’s a powerful and sometimes provocative word. It has numerous meanings. Being able to see what is before you AND being able to conjure up an image of the future are among the definitions or connotations of “vision.” Picturing your future reality From… Read more About Visioning

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About Mission Statements

Years back when I taught strategic planning, I had this debate with one of my consulting colleagues. He was adamant that a mission statement should be brief so that it could be committed to memory and therefore engrained in someone’s mind. He felt the same way about vision statements, though he felt they could be somewhat longer. My position was, and still is, that mission and vision statements should fit your organization, its culture, and if that can be done in a dozen words, great! But if it takes more… Read more About Mission Statements

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Improving Business Process

One of the more challenge aspects of developing an orgainzational scorecard along the lines of the Balanced Scorecard (see posting on Balanced Scorecard) is how to set goals and metrics around improving business process. Here are several measure categories that might help you. Simplification: this measure focuses on making production easier. It may or may not improve quality or achieve any of the other measures below, but at the very least, simplification should not decrease benefits to customers. Cost-savings: this measure focuses on changing processes or introducing new ways of… Read more Improving Business Process

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Learning Learning

Trouble viewing the video here, see it on YouTube  One key to organizational success has to do with the capacity of people to learn — learn from mistakes as well as learn from successes. The call for organizational learning has escalated over the years ever since our culture and economy transitioned from a “we make things” focus to what is called a “knowledge society.” Today, knowledge workers are highly valued as you know, but the real asset of a knowledge worker goes far beyond what she or he “knows”. Simply… Read more Learning Learning

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Build Your Own Social Network

While many organizations are setting up Facebook and MySpace pages, such social networking sites pose a number of challenges for you. First, if you read the fine print, such services will often claim that they can use your materials for any reason you wish. You may not want that. Second, your purpose may not lend itself well to the “openness” of Facebook or MySpace. For example, if you want a social network for your donors, or a particular customer segment, how would you manage who can join your network, given… Read more Build Your Own Social Network

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Measuring Results

Everyone wants to do this. And everyone in the evaluation business has something to say about how to do it. So why not us too! We believe the evaluation of results is less complicated than organizations make it. Of course, we know from experience that often evaluating our work is made cumbersome by funders and regulators, but for now let’s pretend they are not in the mix. Here is how we approach the evaluation of results. We start with some simple questions. 1. What are you trying to accomplish for… Read more Measuring Results

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Wiki wiki what?

A wiki is a website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit and change content. It also allows for linking among any number of pages. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for mass collaborative authoring. The term wiki also can refer to the collaborative software itself (wiki engine) that facilitates the operation of such a site, or to certain specific wiki sites, including the computer science site (the original wiki) WikiWikiWeb and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. (source: Wikipedia) WHY IT’S COOL First of… Read more Wiki wiki what?

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Innovation is intentional change

Organizational innovation calls for the players to understand and affirm the vision and direction of the organization. They need to be able to identify, recognize, and decide upon vision relevant opportunities and challenges.  To innovate effective, the organization should be intentional, objective or goal oriented, and be able to create and sustain momentum to achieve the objective.  The attributes of an innovative environment… There is an inspirational mission and vision embraced by all and that serves at the heart of organizational planning, execution, evaluation, and innovation. The organization understands that… Read more Innovation is intentional change

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Quote of the Day

A company can’t will itself to be agile. Agility is an emergent property that appears when an organization has the right mindset, the right skills, and the ability to multiply those skills through collaboration. To count agility as a core competence, you have to embed it into the culture. You have to encourage an enterprisewide appetite for radical ideas. You have to keep the company in a constant state of inventiveness. It’s one thing to inject a company with inventiveness. It’s another thing to build a company on inventiveness. To… Read more Quote of the Day

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The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard was developed by Norton and Kaplan. It focuses on identifying global measures in four quadrants of organizational activity, which are used to assess past performance, monitor current performance, and the extent to which current performance optimally positions an organization for future success. These quadrants represent “perspectives” on performance from the viewpoint of the Customer(s), Internal Business Processes, Finance, and Learning and Growth. More than an evaluation tool, the Balanced Scorecard provides the organization with a strategic management touchstone that informs business planning, identifies performance strengths and shortcomings, frames… Read more The Balanced Scorecard

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