True Confession

In my 20’s I hung out with fashion photographers, neon sculptors, writers and artists. We were an eclectic tribe of misfits. We had parties in large lofts in a down town industrial area. At one party my friend, Windy (his actual name), who looked a lot like Charlie Chaplin, fell asleep on the hardwood floor … Continue reading True Confession

This is my Duck Gizzard Story. What’s yours?

One Saturday afternoon, I ventured into the Asian Supermarket. I don't know what I expected, but when i walked through the automatic doors I thought to myself, it’s like Safeway.  And so it was and so it wasn't. There were cuts of meat (many of them the innards of body parts I never considered to … Continue reading This is my Duck Gizzard Story. What’s yours?

Make Some Music!

You might know that I am a singer-songwriter/musician, though not nearly as active as I once was when young and spry. Did you know my band, Mark Holmgren and Early Warning, toured the world in the 1990s? Yep. Only thing is my band mates forgot to tell me about it. That's what happens when you … Continue reading Make Some Music!