Make Some Music!

You might know that I am a singer-songwriter/musician, though not nearly as active as I once was when young and spry. Did you know my band, Mark Holmgren and Early Warning, toured the world in the 1990s?

Yep. Only thing is my band mates forgot to tell me about it. That’s what happens when you don’t have a manager or at least a sober one.

If you are interested in hearing my original music, go here.

But nostalgia and self-promotion aren’t the fodder of this posting.

Make some music while you are living through the coronavirus blues, especially those of you who aren’t musicians. One fairly easy way to do that is to acquire Music Maker Jam, a free down load from Microsoft.

There is enough free functionality to test your musical waters and if you discover you want to buy some jelly to make the experience even sweeter, the up charges are very reasonable.

You make music by using instrument and vocal loops that you weave together. I won’t say it’s easy-peazy but think of it as creating your own musical recipe. If it tastes bad, don’t save it. If your lips are smacking, save it and enjoy.

You can create blues, jazz, show tunes, hip hop, folk, and some pretty weird stuff, too. Fast, slow. Upbeat or sad. Meditative or dance tunes. It’s up to you. Here are a few of the pieces I have created.

Headphones are your friend.


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