A Techno-Nerd Rant

I am a bit of a techno-nerd despite my graying beard and there is much about technology that has changed so many lives for the better, but this post is not about those technologies.

I am getting leery of being a digital archetype whose privacy is non-existent. My identity, choices, experiences, rants, goofy pictures, cynicism, humour, not to mention my infinite wisdom are “out there”. I am millions of data bits analyzed and aggregated with one purpose in mind: control me.

It feels like paranoia, but it can’t be. I take pills for that. (Not really, but then again who knows? Oh, yeh, Google and Facebook know the truth.)

But we are all so far down the rabbit hole, we cannot return to former ground.

Another inciteful quibble is this: our addiction to all the latest ways to violate our own privacy. Let’s stick inexpensive GPS trackers on the dog and on Susie or why not on employees. That way we can see what is really going on,  be sold the goods, buy the techno-swamp in Silicone Valley – you get my gist.

Today, we can have our refrigerator order milk automatically when we are low; a phone app will turn on our coffee maker and auto start the car while we discuss the day with Alexa and scoop yoghurt in our mouths.

Thanks to Skip the Dishes we never have to cook again or go to a restaurant. Thank god, I don’t have to go to a record store or book store or clothing store or just about any store at all. I can sit on my contemptuous, saggy ass and live high on the hog (or is it hog on a high?) I don’t need human contact. I can walk around the house in my undies and white socks and save oodles on dry cleaning costs. And if “they” are watching? I will suck in my stomach.

In a couple of years, I can leave my Google infested home and hop into my driverless car and sit there trying to convince myself that I am not scared shitless. Though come to think of it, pretty soon won’t most of us work from home or from the coffee shop that looks just like the coffee shop you go to across town? Maybe the uptake on driverless cars will be challenged by our insatiable desire to do nothing ourselves if it can be automated, programmed, and performed without us – WHILE WE SIT ON OUR SOFAS.

Okay I feel better now. It’s been a while since I went on a bit of a rant. I am not sure how long actually, but Facebook knows and all its buddies.

I wonder what kind of ads will show up on my screen now.

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