Anti-Terrorist Terrorism

I know a few people who, sadly, hate Muslims because some Muslims have committed crimes, terrorism, and are guilty of racism and intolerance for others. Of course I find such racism disgusting and in itself intolerable. The same logic should hold, shouldn’t it, that Christians are terrorists, as our Jews, for the hateful things some of them have done to humankind.

I made the mistake of trying to talk sense to one person who is dead set against taking in Syrian refugees because they will destroy Canada, harm our “Christian values,” and take over “our” country.

Again, I made the mistake of asking if they understood then how their Christian fore-fathers and fore-mothers were guilty of trying to decimate Aboriginal culture and spirituality. I asked if they felt remorse for our government (which represents all of us) stealing Aboriginal children from their homes and locking them up in residential schools and subjecting them to beatings, rape, and torture.

The look I received was one of disgust. “I am tired of hearing about how the Indians have it so bad. They get free education, don’t they? It’s time they got over all of this. It was a long time ago.”

If these are Christian values, which I realize they are not, but if this is what some people “do” with their Christian values, I suggest we give them as much free education as is necessary to end their racism and hatred.

The reality is that some human beings are terrorists. Hatred comes in all colours and from all religions, but thankfully from very few.

But when we cast one race, or believers in a religion, as terrorists because a few among them commit atrocities, then we who have such opinions afflict our own version of terror on the majority of humanity who are good people.

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