Bowling Shirts

The other day I was perusing a recent Face Book posting from Jordan Pearson (one of my partner’s sons). He was sporting a rather “unique” fur coat and having some fun posing in it. Check it out.

Anyway I got to thinking. We all have our eclectic moments, especially in our youth. I used to, for a time, thankfully a short time, primarily wear bowling shirts bought at thrift shops. That was back in the days when my hair was mid back and I had colourful patches on my blue jeans.

(Aside: I use to go for job interviews, my hair untied, patched blue jeans, sandals, and a bowling shirt. I asked my father once, how come no one would give me a summer job. That question invoked that kind of smile that is holding back laughter. He stood and said to follow him, which I did to the long mirror on his bedroom door. “Look,” he said. And then he just walked away.)

My favorite bowling ensemble was a powder blue shirt trimmed in red with big golden block letters that said SUNSHINE LANES on the back.

What was so cool was that each bowling shirt I owned had someone’s name just above the front pocket. So depending on the day, I was Vic, Tony, Bosco, and so forth. Even had one with “Lesley” above the pocket. I loved how that shirt caused others a reaction.

Of course there is a yin and yang to everything and it was a while later that I had an identity crisis, but the joy of bowling shirts and the various identities they offered me is a fond memory today now that I am well aware of who I am.

Yours truly,

One thought on “Bowling Shirts

  1. You reminded me of the early days.. patched jeans, long hair, didn’t wear retro bowling shirts, though, haha. For some reason, this post was nostalgic for me, glad I found it


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