Affordable Housing is a solution not a problem

The City of Edmonton has launched a new website about the need for more affordable housing located across the city in order to ensure that all citizens have a safe and affordable place to live.

When people have to spend too much of their income on housing, they are forced to let other things go. Often they have to reduce the quality and quantity of their food, for example. They may have to reside in run down housing operated by uncaring landlords, which can pose safety and health risks. Fear for one’s children’s safety can keep kids from participating in recreational activities. In extreme cases, people end up losing their housing and end up on the streets. The average costs of a homeless person in our community is around $100,000. That’s what it costs to feed, clothe, shelter and attend to the health and mental health issues of one homeless person.

Contrary to what people tend to believe, affordable housing initiatives do not have a negative impact on property prices, and there does not appear to be any correlation between affordable housing and crime rates.

While the city website is silent on other needed housing types like supportive and supported housing, this is a very good beginning and hopefully is one more tool in the community’s tool box to use to foster more interest and acceptance of affordable housing in all neighbourhoods across our fine city.

Visit the site at

The site’s short video is below:

One thought on “Affordable Housing is a solution not a problem

  1. Children that move often due to poor housing situations are more likely to fall behind in school.
    Children need to feel comfortable, happy and supported to learn in the younger grades, so consistency in teachers and classmates matters. As students move schools it also takes teachers some time to learn about the students needs and learning styles so teaching can be productive. Even moving twice in one year can put a child significantly behind their peers.
    Transiency rates in students is a key indicator for educational achievements and stable, affordable housing is central to reducing families reasons to move.
    Getting serious about poverty elimination means we must get serious about affordable housing which can be a key incentive that supports families to stay in neighbourhoods which is good for them, children and our cities’ well being..


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