I keep a running list of musings. Short snippets of thoughts that I put down on paper and reference now and again, either for inspiration or to lift into a piece I am writing or to shake me up if I feel I am becoming to staid in my thinking. For what they are worth…

There should be a class in high school students attend that has no teacher. Students grade each other on what they teach each other.

People crave change. It’s kind of like craving something that unsettles your stomach. You got to have it and so you consume it, despite the grumbling you will experience within.

Volunteerism has done its fair share of professionalizing citizenship-in-action. It’s much harder to help one another than it was 30 or so years ago.

Every creative act is destructive.

People should be measured by the quality of their disagreements.

If you are going to shoot anyone, don’t’ shoot the messenger.  Shoot the guy peeking around the corner hoping the messenger will be shot.

When we mostly talk about the easy stuff (you know, about all that we agree with), we become a victim of comfort. Wouldn’t you rather rock our boat?

The extent to which we can reach harmony depends on our capacity to handle discord.

Poverty reduction is a goal that promotes underachievement and suggests people who are poor deserve only to be not quite poor.

A colleague once talked about developing a community wide strategy to decrease poverty by 10%. The image that popped into my mind was lining up 10 poor people in front of us and then collaborating on which nine we would send away.

You don’t need to know how your feet work in order to walk.

Tomorrow has no facts. That means no constraints, no rules of engagement, and it makes no promise. But tomorrow is visible. Perhaps not in the empirical sense; it’s more like it’s palpable to intuition, to the quiet mind. Leaders sense the momentum toward tomorrow, but never are arrogant enough to think they can predict what’s coming with any certainty.

Forget strategy,. Create the right skeleton for mobility, dexterity, health…

Change management is one of the biggest barriers to change. Change leadership on the other hand…

Outcomes can be barriers to imagination, nimbleness, and innovation.  If we can understand how our fetish for outcomes harms us, we may be able to truly embrace outcomes as a strategic guide to achieving our intent.

Think about how to spend more in order to spend less.

Create rules that are most effective when they are broken.

As soon as we start explaining something we start confining what it is we are explaining.  Sometimes we should just point.

Don’t ask people to innovate, ask them to make mistakes that will help us succeed.

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