Are There Too Many Non-Profits in Alberta Duplicating Service? (2012 UPDATE)

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A couple years ago I published a short piece called “Are There Too Many Non-Profit Organizations in Alberta Duplicating Services?” which attempted to increase the public’s understanding of the make-up of the voluntary sector while also challenging the facile notion that so many of society’s problems would be solved if non-profits stopped all their duplication of services.

The premise behind such thinking appears to be that mergers of charities is paramount to social change in that the efficiencies realized will free up mega-dollars to effect social good.

While I am all in for creating efficient non-profit organizations, I am equally committed, if not more so, to sustaining effective organizations. My previous paper was rather soft in its messaging around the topic of duplication; this one is not.

Whatever your position is on this question of duplication, I believe it is prudent that those of us providing our conclusions and recommendations for change base our ideas on some facts about the sector.

As I did in the previously mentioned paper, I am providing information and analysis about the non-profit sector in Alberta, with some updated information. Then I will address more directly than I did in the previous paper the issue of duplication


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