threeSOURCE: A Research & Resource Hub

 <Released in support of the Edmonton Social Planning Council>

Information isn’t hard to come by, but separating the good from the bad takes time. For anyone working in the nonprofit, voluntary and social services sectors – what we like to refer to collectively as the third sector – time is of the essence. We often make do with what we find online or what our colleagues pass along, hoping our sources are as current as possible.

The Edmonton Social Planning Council has lunched a new online information tool to solve this problem. A searchable collection of resources for the third sector is now online at .

threeSOURCE builds on the Edmonton Social Planning Council’s extensive library collection, which has been cultivated over the last seven decades to include resources related to housing, education, food security, urban issues, children and child care, and a wealth of other social issues.

The focus of this collection is publications by, for, and about the third sector in Alberta. Other resources with a wider geographic scope that are relevant to this Alberta are also available. threeSOURCE exists to promote awareness of and access to this information, and will be useful to policy makers, researchers and service providers.

Resources in this collection can be retrieved through simple searching at  Links to pre-searched results for key current issues – such as child poverty, minimum wage, and affordable housing – are provided.

Many of the newest resources added to threeSOURCE are available online, simply by linking to PDFs from search results within threeSOURCE.

An RSS feed of new additions to the collection can be used to deliver the latest resources straight to your email inbox or RSS reader.

Assistance in using threeSOURCE is available from the Edmonton Social Planning Council’s Resource Coordinator by email, phone or in person.

The creation of threeSOURCE was generously funded by Alberta Culture and Community Spirit’s Community Initiatives Program, and its maintenance is supported by funding from the Edmonton Community Foundation.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Hoyer
(780) 423-2031 x354

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