Imagine Canada Update: A Framework for Action

Earlier this year I attended a dialogue session facilitated by Imagine Canada here in Edmonton. It was the first stop on a pan-Canadian effort by Imagine Canada to have dialogue about drivers of change in the nonprofit sector with an eye on identifying proposed actions to ensure Canada has a strong, vibrant non profit sector delivering maximum results and benefits across our great country. I wrote about my impression of the Edmonton Session in a posting on this blog HERE

The initial round of dialogue sessions has been done and resulted in the publishing of A Framework for Action for the Nonprofit Sector.

As stated in the report, “This document is to be used to facilitate a pan-Canadian dialogue convened by Imagine Canada focusing on drivers of change in the charitable and nonprofit sector and proposed actions to maximize the sector’s contributions to Canada and the world over the next decade.While this draft reflects what Imagine Canada has heard from various stakeholder groups – both formal and informal and from across the country – it is a working paper, not a finished product. The list of priorities for action contained herein is neither exhaustive, nor generally agreed upon by sector stakeholders. Instead, this document is intended to be augmented, refined and validated collaboratively, as part of the consultation process to occur between May and December 2010.

“Our engagement strategy is informed by A Framework for Action, a working document outlining drivers of change that we believe will have an impact on the sector in the coming years. Imagine Canada is using this draft framework to facilitate a nation-wide conversation about what actions must be taken to maximize the contributions of the sector to Canada and the world over the next decade. In our role as a convener of this national dialogue, Imagine Canada is co-hosting Provincial Forums and extended community conversations with local partners.”

The following links are hosted by Imagine Canada. By following them you will have access to all of the information available about the dialogue sessions.

Download the Framework for Action document
Download the Framwork for Action Summary
Browse the Drivers of Change
View the Actions to Consider

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