Tamarack Conference, Day Two

I am tired so this will be brief. Very impressed with the morning speaker, John Ott, one of the authors of the Power of Collective Wisdom. Attendees received a free copy of the book, so I am looking forward to the read. A few key learnings from the session:

We cannot create wisdom but we can create the conditions in which wisdom can arise by suspending certainty (postition arguments don’t foster dialog, discovery, much less wisdom!); seeing the whole or big picture (in order to fully understand how things work and connect); seek diverse perspectives (homogeneous conversations don’t get us far); and welcome all that arises.

This latter perspective speaks of being open and inquisitive to those you might normally turn off to. I liked John’s perspective about welcoming the person we find irritating or disruptive by engaging them, asking them questions — i.e. welcome all that arises. Great strategy, though of course not necessarily easy.

Another key point I was impressed with was called the “Scallop Principle.” It is a metaphor for the group. Scallops have a hundred eyes or so that are positioned along the shell 360 degrees. John spoke of each one of the group members being one eye and the scallop being the group. A powerful metaphor for the importance of each member of the group and the exponential importance of the group, which is greater than its parts.

There’s much more to the session than this, but at this hour, this is all I can muster.

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