A Little Story

[reprinted from our e-news letter, august issue]

Sally is 25, works long hours to just get by each week. She is a caring person and believes in family and community. She tried volunteering for a help line and participated in a few races. They were ok experiences but she didn’t like all the hoops she had to jump through.”Volunteerism shouldn’t be so institutional,” she said.

Now Sally engages in what I call organic volunteerism. She and her friends self-organize mini events (typically street performances)  that raise money for the charities they believe in. No organization, no receipts, no databases, no recogntion programs… just the joy and satisfaction of helping. They do all their organizing through Facebook.

I imagine there are alot of young people like Sally. I wonder if people her age have similar attitudes about “institutional” volunteerism.

By the way their last mini event raised $250 for a charity in two hours. Not bad for four friends singing songs at the Farmer’s Market. Four friends working long hours to pay the bills and yet making time to have some fun, entertain passerbys, and do something to help out.

Food for thought.

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