Worrisome Data about the NonProfit Sector

In Imagine Canada’s premiere issue of the “Sector Monitor,” there is worrisome data about the health and well-being of the nonprofit/voluntary sector across Canada. The information mirrors the kind of responses the CCVO has been getting in its survey of Alberta nonprofits. The Sector Monitor reports that:

Many charities are experiencing challenges associated with the economic downturn.
• Almost half are having difficulty fulfilling their mission and/or are facing increased demand for their products and services.
• Almost a third expect to have difficulty covering expenses in 2010.
• Almost a quarter say their existence is at risk.

Loss of revenues from a variety of sources are an issue for an increasing number of organizations, but the largest negative impacts are coming from loss of revenues from Government sources, followed in severity of impact by corporate sponsorships.

While organizations in all subsectors are experiencing increased stress from the downturn in the economy, hardest hit are social services agencies.

Despite the pressures, Imagine Canada reports that numerous NPO leaders in general remain upbeat and optimistic about the future, even though they anticipate they have not experience the worst of things to come.

The report also provides information about how Foundations are feeling the economic pressures. They tend to be in better condition and more optimistic than leaders of operating charities, but they are feeling the pinch as well.

The report is worth a good read. You can download it here.

If you haven’t seen the CCVO report, “Stretched to the Limit,” I encourage you to take a look. Its findings are based on a survey of more than 450 Alberta non profits. The CCVO is currently working on an update to its report, based on another survey that just closed.

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