Non Profit Workforce – What’s the data?

We have got to start digging deeper into the data we have to make sure we understand what the real issues and challenges are. And as we do that we will find compelling reasons why we need to dig even deeper. Just working with big numbers doesn’t help us to hone in and figure out strategy. So here’s some drill down about the non profit workforce in Alberta.

There are just over 19,000 non profit organizations. For the sake of simplicity, I am sticking with the 19,000 number. There are 175,000 employees of the sector, but not all of them work for the 19,000.

54% of nonprofits do not have paid staff.

So, that leaves 8,740 nonprofits with 175,000 employees.

One percent of the 19,000 are Hospitals, Universities, and Colleges and they employ 40% of the employees.

I am going to remove them from my figures because they skew the data in my opinion and are not nonprofit organizations in the same way that all of the others are. They are their own industries that require their own set of workforce strategies.

This leaves us with 105,000 employees of 8,550 nonprofits. Of these, 64% of staff are employed by 5% of non-profits. Based on my understanding of the research, the 5% number is based on the original 19,000. So… this leaves 856 organizations employing 67,200 staff. These organizations generate 77% of the revenue.

This are large organizations, and they have a lot of staff, and no doubt experience workforce issues and challenges that are different from the small organizations.

Speaking of small organizations: 23,100 staff are employed by 7,000 non profits. F.urther these 7,000 and the 10,000 that have no paid staff generate 23% of the revenue.

What I don’t know yet is how these numbers break down by subsector. That is important information to discover to truly understand workforce issues and challenges.

So, I will start looking. If you know of any research about this, please let me know.


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