Social Venture Exchange

This is an interesting site/organization that connects investors with organizations undertaking ventures to achieve social impact. Here is what they are about (from their ABOUT page):

To develop and pilot the Social Venture Exchange (SVX) that will provide a platform to assess and attract sustainable financing for organizations with a social and/or environmental mission, from enterprising non-profits to for-profit social purpose businesses.

Use the power of investments to help organizations solve the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

The objective of the project is threefold:

  • Effective intermediation of new financial capital for non-profits and social purpose businesses;
  • Increased efficiency of existing financial capital geared towards social good; and
  • Improved social and environmental outcomes with a focus on education, poverty reduction, and the environment.

This site opens minds to what might be possible in terms of generating new kinds of investment (funding) in ventures that focus on helping people and communities. You can read more here.

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