Transparent Engagement

It’s risky no doubt to post your customers ideas and suggestions on your blog or website. Often ideas will in effect be criticisms and what benefit is there to that? Apparently lots because more and more organizations are engaging their customers in the actual operations of their business. Here is one example: Starbucks.

Some might consider Starbucks the coffee standard (though I am pretty big on Second Cup myself). For sure, I found their blog quite intriquing. They engage in crowdsourcing on the blog, soliciting opinions and ideas from their customers or I assume from anyone, customer or not. There are so many ideas offered there, Starbucks has created a search function for them and organized them into categories. Take a look HERE.

What if governments did that? I know they do consultations but in effect what is shared publicly is vetted and edited before it sees any public pages. Major charities too, educational institutions, and so on. Too risky? Or would it increase credibility and loyalty to see organizations be so open to new ideas? Food for thought.

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