Writers on generational change suggest that younger people, being the first digital natives (meaning they grew up on the Internet) developed at an earlier age their view of making a difference and because of their exposure to and use of the Internet have a perspective on philanthropy that is global in nature. Organizations are showing up on the Net that reflect this movement of the young. Sprout is one of them.

From their website: Sprout Story
Sprout was born out of the desire to make organising community projects more simple, more effective and more fun. Never before have global challenges such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic, environmental degradation, rising food insecurity and persistent human conflict demanded more global cooperation and local action. As global citizens, many of us have already dedicated countless hours, various talents, and a lot of our energy to addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges affecting our communities. We asked a handful of the ambitious young leaders of the world what skills they found most useful in their work, which were most scarce and which skills they would like to improve in order to do their work more effectively. We also asked them how they thought an e-course could benefit them and their efforts to change the world, one project at a time… (more)

Click HERE for the website

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