Innovation quickies

If you think about innovative companies, you can’t help but thing of Google. One key to their success at being innovative is offered by Sheryl Sandberg, vice president of Automated Advertising Systems: “We don’t always have an answer. We’re willing to tolerate that ambiguity and chaos because that’s where the room is for innovation.”

Google’s senior vice president for business operations, Shona Brown, who is also the author of book that talks about “structured chaos” sums it up: “The way to succeed in “fast-paced, ambiguous situations,” is to avoid creating too much structure, but not to add too little either. The company’s goal, is to determine precisely the amount of management it needs — and then use a little bit less.” |click for Source|


The Five Principles for Successful Innovation
Successful business innovations that drive growth are guided by the following five principles:

1. Vision to create new products, business models or processes that make a difference and create new markets

2. Systematic processes and rigor that stimulate creativity and learning to execute on the vision

3. Reward and recognition system for teams to take measured risks and experiment

4. Focus on clear and present customer needs, the market facts, and the intangible

5. Growth-oriented leadership that is decisive, inclusive, focused, takes risks, and has market expertise

-posted by Sanjay Dalal on the Creativity and Innovation Blog – click here for the entire posting.

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