Snapshot: Alberta’s NonProfit/Voluntary Sector

If you are interested in Alberta’s NonProfit/Voluntary Sector Initiative, please take a look at the ANVSI webpages at Alberta Culture and Community Spirit. Click HERE. Below are some statistics about the sector, which tell a significant story of the impact of what is often called “the third sector.”

The Alberta Nonprofit / Voluntary Sector…

• Includes 19,000 charities and nonprofit organizations including community associations, recreational sports groups, cultural, health and social service organizations;

• Employs 176,000 Albertans;

• 2.5 million volunteers contribute 449 million hours to community service;

• Over 160,000 Albertans serve on boards of directors;

• The annual economic impact of Alberta’s Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector is estimated at $9.6 billion.

• 48 per cent of Albertans volunteer an average of 175 hours per year;

• 79 per cent of Albertans donated an average of $500 annually towards charities and nonprofit organizations. The Canadian average for the same period was $400.

Sources: National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Organizations (NSNVO), 2004
Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP), 2004

One thought on “Snapshot: Alberta’s NonProfit/Voluntary Sector

  1. That is awesome Mark. I live in the U.S. Pennsylvania and I can’t say that we do as much as Alberta. 48% volunter 175/yr. is a great stat! It’s nice to see that kind of committement.


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