The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard was developed by Norton and Kaplan. It focuses on identifying global measures in four quadrants of organizational activity, which are used to assess past performance, monitor current performance, and the extent to which current performance optimally positions an organization for future success.

These quadrants represent “perspectives” on performance from the viewpoint of the Customer(s), Internal Business Processes, Finance, and Learning and Growth.

More than an evaluation tool, the Balanced Scorecard provides the organization with a strategic management touchstone that informs business planning, identifies performance strengths and shortcomings, frames action and implementation plans, and provides the Board of Directors with a high level governance resource to policy development and strategic discussions.

The Scorecard also provides the organization with a global perspective of performance that can be used in the development of accountability focused employee appraisals.

24 reasons’ Mark Holmgren has led the development of organizatonal scorecards for two major charities and has also performed numerous evaluations for various non profits over the years. For more information, contact Mark at here: email.

3 thoughts on “The Balanced Scorecard

  1. Jonathan, thanks for your comment. You are right that a balanced scorecard (small “b” small “s”) approach to measurement of organizational performance has many contributors. Kaplan and Norton did, I believe, provide the work, codification, and publicity to bring the Balanced Scorecard to be associated with their names as leaders and drivers of this approach. By the way, interesting blog you have. I am going to spend some more time there.


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